Our Team

Aparna Aryabumi

Founder, CEO

Stanford engineer with decade plus manufacturing experience at Apple, Facebook, Jawbone and more

Nagarjun Redla


Years of experience designing and architecting digital solutions for scale
Tinkerer at heart, with industrial experience in both hardware and software

Viraat Aryabumi

Systems intelligence

Ex-Amazon, years of experience working on world-scale, low-latency ML systems

Darshan Sheth

Full stack Engineer

Full-stack development at various startups. Loves working on new and exciting tech

Shan Hassan

Senior Sales Executive

Ex-Tuya Global. 12 years business development in consumer electronics & IoT smart home products

Jim van Cleave

Senior Sales Executive

Ex-Aptean. 20 years business development in health, medical & GovTech

Vachan Nadupalli

Full Stack Developer

Ex-Salesforce, developer with a background in cyber security & sales
Driven by curiosity and passion to solve problems with software

Patrick Casey

Field Engineer

Ex-Apple and Panasonic
Years of hands-on experience working on hardware and IoT devices

Sachin Jadhav

Field Engineer

5 years of hands-on experience working on Research and Development for hardware products and networking equipment

Our Advisors

Building companies from the ground up

Global Leaders In

Top tier education and experience

Research, Innovation and Industry Partners