Frequently Asked Questions

Is your product specifically for any industry?

We are a horizontal platform that works with any manufacturing type and any manufacturing sector. As long as manufacturing machines form the heart of your operation, you can benefit from our solution!

What are the system requirements?

Our product has minimal system requirements, as no computation occurs on the user’s end. The platform is accessible on most internet browsers. Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox work best. The platform will soon be accessible on a smartphone/tablet type device as well.

What is the supporting software needed?

All of the software and firmware required will be proprietary and will be pre-installed on the device. No software is required on the user’s end (except for an internet browser).

What are the problems you can solve through Aiara?
  • The solutions we have provided to manufacturing companies have helped get visibility and insights into their current operations.
  • Mismatch in expected cycle time vs actual cycle time? We can highlight the issue
  • Lack of clarity on current capacity? We can provide that clarity
  • Want to understand which practices work best for machine operation? We can provide the data to help you make those decisions.
How do I get in touch?

Please reach out to us on our email, contact@aiara.ai, or through the Contact Us page. An Aiara team member will reach out to you soon to understand your requirements!